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What Tools are Used in Woodworking – Selecting the Right Tool

Anyone who has had experience with woodworking excursions know just how tedious not working with the right tools can be. The right kind of saw for the right kind of cut highly makes the job efficient, if not yield perfect results. The wrong nail could ruin the wood or the wrong kind of plane could utterly render the woodpiece useless for a particular project. Read More<<

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General Woodworking Knowledge and Safety Tips

Why is a woodworking pattern very important? Woodworking patterns act as a direction to any project. The pattern gives details on steps that must be done. Woodworking patterns are especially helpful for beginners. They help guide the person so he would avoid mistakes and other forms of trouble when woodworking. Many patterns for woodworking are available in the internet. These cost much lesser than those that are bought in stores. Not only that, online woodworking patterns are more specific and have more attractive designs. Read More<<

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Wood Finishing Procedure and Steps on How To Varnish

Like many materials, wood can be damaged by natural elements. Sunlight, water, stains and even dust take their toll on furniture and structures made of wood. So how do you protect your precious antique wooden table or your favorite wooden chest? An inexpensive method is to apply wood finishing to the surface of the wooden item. Read More<<

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Types of Woodworking Clamps – How Valuable a Clamp is

Clamps are fastening devices, aimed to secure objects together. In the realm of woodworking, they are quite useful in tightly holding pieces of wood, preventing unwanted movement. Clamps are oftentimes used to hold woodpieces, as other operations on the woodpiece is done. Drilling and sawing are among the woodworking excursions a clamp “supports”, as the said operations require the woodpiece to be securely steady. Read More<<

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Dog House Essentials – How to Make a Good Dog House

Millions of people keep dogs as pets. However, many disdain the thought of dogs sleeping in their own homes. Quite often, dogs are messy, smelly and noisy. They shed a lot of hair, they pee or defecate anywhere, and they can ruin the furniture. To avoid these problems, many owners buy or build dog houses for their pets. While this may seem easy, there are a lot of things to consider. In other words, the owner should have a good dog house plan if he decides to have one. Read More<<

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How to Make a Good Birdhouse – Backyard Project

The increasing number of people who are interested in gardening has also brought about a related increase of the number of people interested in bird watching. This is also brought about by the awareness to protect birds and gather them in a place conducive for the creatures. At present, the bird’s natural homes such as trees and marshes are slowly being destroyed. One of the best ways to attract and protect these birds is to build a birdhouse in the backyard. By putting such structure in your backyard, you can help repopulate birds into the wild. Read More<<

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Deck Material Plans – What to Include in Deck Plans

One of the most overlooked places in planning a house is a deck. This should not be the case. A deck should be a place that should make a statement for the house. To make the deck a beneficial part of one’s home, it is important to have a deck plan. With a deck plan, the owner can determine the deck’s use and all the things needed for it. The first thing that should be considered in a deck plan is to decide whether the deck is separate or connected to the house.. Read More<<

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Woodworking Measuring and Layout Tools: Calipers – Knotted Cord

Dating back to the Neolithic era, woodworking has been around before any known form of historical recording system even existed. As the utilization of wood, building, or carving, them into an item of particular use, woodworking has greatly evolved since then, and has become an ingredient in the development of modern society. A large part of a successful woodworking excursion involves the right measuring and layouting practices. Keeping a project organized and correct requires a level of planning, and properly measuring and layouting one’s woodworking projects effectively makes it so. Read More<<

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Shaping Wood Pieces – Wood Lathes Make Things Fast and Easy

A lathe is basically a tool which spins a material for various operations like drilling, deformation, sanding, knurling and cutting. The most common of materials can be metal, plastic or wood. In explaining the operational premise of a lathe, a potter’s wheel would be the best lathe to mention. A spinning mount point is utilized in “shaping” the material, to whatever shape it should be fashioned to. Read More<<

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Wood Glue for Woodworking and the Aesthetic Points they Bring

Woodworking excursions involve the shaping and joining pieces of wood in an effort to form a structure with a particular purpose. Be it a chair or a table, the basic concept of forming woodpieces, then putting them together applies. Cutting tools are used to cut woodpieces to form. Nails are usually used to join the cut woodpieces together, but not in all cases. When nails can’t come to play their part, wood glue takes their place quite well. Read More<<

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Practical Woodworking Tips – Working With Plywood

In a nutshell woodworking is simply the craft of cutting and shaping pieces of wood, then putting them together to form a particular structure, geared for a particular purpose. Chairs, tables, window frames, or picture frames, these items owe their existence to the craft of woodworking, along with the presence of creative designs and tools geared for particular woodworking needs. Practical woodworking tips worth considering when pursuing a woodworking excursion are easy to come by, and have been quite helpful for amateurs and professionals alike. Read More<<

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Biscuit Joiners: Stronger Wood Structures with Jointers

For years, wood has been seen as a beautiful material, relatively easy to work with, ideal for turning into houses and furniture. As the years have gone, the disadvantages of dealing with wood have been “conquered” through various techniques and preparations. Wood isn’t as stable as metal or stone, as it contracts and expands, eventually warping, under different conditions. One “strengthening technique” which woodworkers have taken a hold of is jointing. Proper jointing keeps tables, chairs, joined boards and frames in good condition, as well as adds to the aesthetic elements of such woodworking workpieces. Read More<<

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How a CNC Router Works – Computer Numerical Control Routers

Woodworking is practiced by many people, ranging from novice to experienced ones. Most of these woodworkers have a variety of tools, from simple hand tools to sophisticated power equipment. However, there are woodworkers who are so advanced that they use computerized, automated machines. These machines are called Computer Numerical Control routers, or CNC routers for short. Basically, a CNC router is a large, automatic machine with a cutter head or end mill at the end which rotates in an axis, much like an electric drill. Read More<<

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Different Types of Saws for Woodworking

Coming in a variety of shapes and sizes, different types of saws prove to be quite useful when it comes to woodworking projects, and has been acknowledged for such.

  • Jig Saw
  • Chain Saw
  • The Miter Saw
  • Band Saws
  • Handsaw

Read More<<

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Woodworking Tool Sharpening – Keeping Tools in Shape

As with a kitchen knife, woodworking tools require their own level of maintenance. The wear and tear through their usage oftentimes leave woodworking tools, especially cutting tools, dull, lowering their functionality as tools. Cutting a piece of wood with a dull saw would take up more time, compared to using a sharp one. Drilling using a dull bit to bore holes on a piece of wood would be quite a hassle, compared to using a sharp bit. Read More<<

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Woodworking Benches and Accessories – Why Do We Need One

A variety of woodworking tools exist to aid woodworkers in their projects, assuring accurate measurements, wood cuts and fine quality finishes. Oftentimes, the success of a project is highly dependent on the proper use of a tool, as well as with the decision of what tool to use for a particular woodworking excursion. Needless to say, the right tool for the right job yields the right result. Where tools come as integral, woodworking benches and accessories are not really needed in successfully completing a woodworking project. Read More<<

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