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Safety Tips for Woodworking

Woodworking can either be an enjoyable past time, a lucrative profession, or even both. Nothing beats the excitement and the sense of accomplishment when you create something such as furniture or a decorative object.

For woodworking, you will need tools. Now, one must remember that these tools are sharp. Motor tools for woodworking are quite powerful and can cause serious or even fatal injuries.

Whether they are hand tools or power tools, these tools should be handled with care. These safety tips will considerably lessen the chances of you injuring yourself.

  • Before cutting wood, think before you actually do it

First, before cutting wood, think before you actually do it. Why are you cutting this way? Is this position really the best position for cutting? Thinking of the way you cut and the cutting movement will save your fingers from being cut. It will also help you utilize every scrap of wood.

Be sure that your shop is clean. Woodworking creates quite a mess and a cluttered shop is very prone to accidents. Organize your tools and always throw away the garbage. Watch out for stray wires. These can trip you.

  • Concentrate to what you are doing

In fact, woodworking demands your full attention. Do not put a TV or a radio on your workshop. Watching the boob tube while cutting something can result in your hand making contact with the blade.

In line with concentration, do not rush to complete a project. Rushing can make you stressed. When you are stressed, you tend to lose focus and mistakes happen when focus is lost. Take a break when you need it.

When something is resisting to what you are doing, stop and see what is wrong. Do not force something. Forcing something may cause a kickback from the tool. This kickback can injure you.

  • Proper protective gear

Woodworking is one of the many activities that require you to don on proper protective gear. When working, be sure to wear goggles, ear protection, gloves, an apron and a dust mask. Make sure your hair is cut short or is tied up. Loose hair caught in power tools can cause serious injury.

  • Let the tool rest for a while

Another safety tip to consider when using power tools is to let the tool rest for a while. Give the tool a time to rest before starting again. An overtaxed tool can be a cause of injury or can damage the tool itself.

When doing woodworking, do not drink alcohol. Many accidents have happened because woodworkers drank alcohol before or while they are working. Alcohol clouds judgment and can cause injuries. Wait until you are done before taking a sip of wine.

If you follow these precautions, woodworking should be fun and exciting.

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Utilizing On-line Woodworking Patterns

When working on a woodworking project, one must have a pattern.

Why is a woodworking pattern very important? Woodworking patterns act as a direction to any project. The pattern gives details on steps that must be done.

Woodworking patterns are especially helpful for beginners. They help guide the person so he would avoid mistakes and other forms of trouble when woodworking.

Many patterns for woodworking are available in the internet. These cost much lesser than those that are bought in stores. Not only that, online woodworking patterns are more specific and have more attractive designs.

Furthermore, websites give a free incentive or discounts for repeat customers. Each pattern has a list of materials and specifications that are needed to complete a project.

  • On-line woodworking patterns

On-line woodworking patterns are not just for novice builders. Experienced woodworkers also use them. They study them to get additional knowledge for their own designs. They also use the patterns to improve their projects and works.

Typical woodworking patterns have three designs. These designs help ease up the work on a project. The first design indicates parts that are needed. The second shows the view of the part and how it fits to other parts. Finally, the third design shows the finished item and the functionality of its features.

When using a pattern from a woodworking website, there are some things to take note.

  • First

You have to determine whether the execution of the pattern is within your capability. Do not execute a pattern which is too difficult or you will be disappointed with the final outcome. Be sure that you have the right tools for the project. Also, check if you have the materials necessary for the project, or that you can afford the needed materials.

  • Second

The pattern should be original. It should have its own set of designs. You have to remember that originality and artistry gives a lot of fulfillment and provides uniqueness to the project.

It is proper etiquette to acknowledge the person, the company or the site that designed the pattern. Copying a design and using them for anything aside from your personal use is considered as plagiarism and is punishable by law.

You should also do the same if you are planning to display your showcase in a woodworking trade show. The original designer of the pattern can easily notice their designs. If you don’t acknowledge them, you may run into troubles of copyright.

Ultimately though, a woodworking pattern is a guide and not to be completely imitated. Feel free to add any features or alterations to the project to suit your needs.

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CAD Woodworking Software for the Perfect Project

One important part of woodworking is thoroughly planning your project. In fact, the success of most projects depends upon careful planning.

If the woodworker can vividly visualize the project in his mind and place it on paper, the work is already half done. To help him in this crucial stage, the modern, computer savvy woodworker uses CAD software to design his projects. CAD software allows him to draw and see a virtual representation of the final item before actually constructing it.

But there are a lot of CAD products. Which ones can be used as woodworking software? Here is a list of good woodworking software based on CAD.

  • For beginners

DesignCAD is the best woodworking software. In fact, this is top on the list of CAD software among hobbyists and woodworkers. This software allows the woodworker to draw in 2D. When the 2D sketch is done, the woodworker can produce them in 3D renderings.

This woodworking software also allows rider programs like Shed and Shop and Woodworking Design Add-On. When the software is first bought, the package includes a training CD. DesignCAD also supports DXF/DWG file imports. This allows the user to interface with other CAD products.

DesignCAD is a decently priced CAD package. However, as with all other CAD tool, the user needs to study it thoroughly to learn all its features. Nonetheless, it is easier to understand than the other CAD products such as TurboCAD. However, it lacks some features of the more advanced programs.

  • For experienced CAD users, the AutoCAD LT is a good woodworking software

The AutoCAD LT supports the design web format common in other AutoCAD products. However, the LT does not have the 3D modeling, sheet set management, dynamic block authoring, presentation graphics and customization features in other AutoCAD products.

For basic woodworking designs, the AutoCAD LT can get the job done although the interface is not immediately familiar. However, for woodworkers who haven’t tried CAD software and find the old pencil-and-paper designing much easier, the AutoCAD LT is not for them.

  • AutoSketch

Another type of CAD software that is good to use for woodworking is AutoSketch. Autosketch is originally a mechanical and architectural design tool and not a graphics design software.

This is good for experienced people undertaking woodworking complex projects, especially when the project involves complicated internal frames. However, this software is not for beginners. They need to be very proficient in CAD systems before operating this software.

Most of the CAD products mentioned here range from $200 to $1000. Whatever the product the woodworker chooses from, the excellent features and the functions of the CAD programs will surely help him achieve the look that he has visualized for his project.

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Ready-To-Make Woodworking Projects?

Woodworking is a hobby and profession which offers a lot of challenge and fun. Part of this challenge and fun is to plan out what is going to be built.

Unfortunately, planning the design of the woodworking project, especially if it’s a complex one, requires a bit of math, architecture or engineering.

This is to ensure the project’s fit and structural integrity. Most novice and amateurs do not have extensive knowledge on these fields. Even experienced ones would rather have the plans drawn out for them rather than having to make the plans of the woodworking project themselves.

But there is good news. Many sites in the internet can now provide ready-made plans for many woodworking projects. These plans include the diagrams and the exact measurements for the project.

Oftentimes, they give instructions on how to compute or what to do should you need to reduce or increase the size of the final outcome of the project.

While there are a woodworking websites that offer these plans for free or for a small price, Tedswoodworking is one of the best. Tedswoodworking has been supplying plans for woodworking projects for woodworkers of all skill levels.

The nice thing about Tedswoodworking projects is that the plans are very easy to follow. After buying, downloading and printing the pattern, all the person has to do is to trace the patterns of the sections on wood.

The patterns are cut and later assembled. Aside from fully traceable patterns, the plans also include step-by step instructions, in-progress pictures, exploded diagrams, a complete materials list and cutting measurements.

This method allows even novice woodworkers to achieve results that look professional.

So, for easy, fun, fast and convenient woodworking activity, you might want to check Tedswoodworking. This is truly a paradise for do-it-yourself enthusiasts.

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Custom Woodworking in Brief

There are endless fine pieces of furniture that are found in the market. However, any person would want to have a unique piece of furniture that is different from those that are sold in a furniture shop. Or, he may want to acquire a piece of furniture that is very specific to his needs.

For specially made furniture, he may want to have it custom made. Custom woodworking ensures that the item the client wants is purely based on his specifications.

Custom woodworking is mostly done by individual, professional woodworkers or small, specialized woodworking companies. Big companies usually do not offer custom made items.

  • Custom woodworking demands

Custom woodworking demands understanding between the woodworker and the client. The woodworker should have a clear knowledge and a vision about what the client exactly wants. In turn, the client should realize and recognize the capability of the woodworker with regards to his item.

  • Custom woodworking transaction

A typical custom woodworking transaction undergoes a series of processes. First, the woodworker gives the client a tour of his shop or facility and shown a portfolio of his recent projects. This is to gain the trust and confidence of the client.

The client then explains the furniture he wants. In detail, he describes the dimensions, moving parts, the features of the furniture and his budget for such work.

The woodworker takes note of the information and gives the client an estimate. After a day or two, the woodworker gives a preliminary design of the item the customer wishes to have. The design could be revised if the customer wishes to alter it. The first exchange of money, the payment of the design fee, usually happens here.

The next part of the custom woodworking transaction is a visitation to the actual site where the furniture is going to be placed.

The woodworker determines if the design is doable. If it is, he advises the client of the final cost. Once the design is approved and the contract is signed, the construction of the project can begin.

Some woodworkers require advance payment before the construction can commence.

  • Construction of the custom project

Construction of the custom project may take a few days to a few weeks, depending on the complexity of the project. At this point, it is important that the client makes regular visits to the shop to see how the project is going. The woodworker should also update the client on the development of the project.

The transaction ends upon installation of the final product. During this time, the client pays the remaining amount.

Custom made furniture or other wood items are more expensive than the ones bought in stores. However, the money is always worth it. The furniture is unique and will truly make a statement for your home.

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Simple but Effective Woodworking Products

Woodworking requires a lot of work. In fact, there is so much work to do that it requires more than just one person to do a simple project. That is why manufacturers of woodworking products always find ways to make things a little easier for woodworkers.

Here are some helpful woodworking products that are now available in the market.

First is the new magnetic wrist nail holder. As the name implies, this fits in a woodworker’s wrist. Inside the wrist are six magnets. The woodworker can stick nails to it so he won’t have to dig in his nail box. It can hold one pound of nails or drill bits. It is a very handy tool indeed.

Another handy woodworking product would be a miniature plane. This is exactly like a normal plane, except that it is only a few inches long. It is handy for precise smoothing, especially if the area is very small, such as the edge of a sheet of plywood.

Another useful woodworking product is the Bowjack. This unique tool is used to install wooden boards for decking, floors and ceilings. The Bowjack is placed flanking a board. The Bowjack’s spur is then driven into the framing. When the Bowjack’s lever is pulled, it forces the board into the correct position and spacing. A sliding collar holds the board in this position. This frees a woodworker’s hands so that he can fasten the boards to the frame.

Steel straight edges are very useful woodworking products. They can withstand scoring and other processes that can damage ordinary plastic or wood rulers. The best straight edges come with an accurate level gauge.

Woodworkers sometimes need to travel with their tools in hand. A standard tool box would be too bulky. So, certain manufacturers introduced a roll-up tool bag.

This woodworking product is very convenient and is excellent for keeping, organizing and protecting your tools. Made out of thick polyester fabric, this bag has pockets enough for nine tools.

Each pocket can accommodate tools up to 2 inches in diameter. Each pocket also has a flap to prevent the tools from falling out. The bag can be spread out and can be mounted to the wall.

Finally, safety should not be compromised, especially when working on high ground. If the woodworker accidentally drops a tool, he might injure someone below him. That is why a safety tether should be attached to the tool.

This woodworking product is made out of coiled stainless steel for a maximum strength of 175 kilograms. This can be attached to a woodworker’s belt. If he drops the tool, the tether would prevent it from falling below.

These are just some of the many products which can make woodworking easier. The woodworker should check the internet for any more products which might be of good help for him.

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